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Cruise Tour
 Cruise Package with full excursions Ѵ / Ѵ껷褳  
  ᾤࡨҭ ( ͧҭ )  - Ѿവشءѻ !
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International Tour Package : Cruise Tour
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Cruise Tour / Travel Cruise
Self Travel-เดินทางเอง

Cruise Tour

Festival Tour : #SPECIAL Recommended Tour 
Travel by (Air Ticket) : Self travel-Թҧͧ
Hotel Standard :  Days : 86 days 85 nights
Travel Date :
5JAN-31MAR 19
Price/pax :
593,000 THB(Adult)
Cruise Tour Program :
Cruise Tour - ࡨ ͧҭ Peace Boat ͺš 駷 100 ѡ Single Type ͧẺ Outside ˹ҵҧ : Ȩ觡Թҧ ͧͺš Singapore - Mauritius - Reunion - Madagascar - Mozambique - South Africa - Namibia - Brazil - Uruguay - Argentina - Chile - Easter Island - Tehiti - Bora Bora Island - Samoa - Japan / ѵҹի 4 ԡ, ѧ, ધ, ͤ - Port Charges - On Board Tips еͧԹ Ѻ

 Թҧͧ - Singapore - Թ ҭ Peace Boat - оѡ͹ ʹ 85 ׹
 ͨʹº Port Louis, Mauritius
 ͨʹº Le Port, Reunion
 ͨʹº Ehoala, Madagascar
 ͨʹº Maputo, Mozambique
 ͨʹº Cape Town, South Africa
 ͨʹº Walvis Bay, Namibia
 ͨʹº Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 ͨʹº Montevideo, Uruguay
 ͨʹº Buenos Aires, Argentina
 ͨʹº Ushuaia, Argentina
 ͨʹº Valparaiso, Chile
 ͨʹº Rapa Nui / Easter Island, Chile
 ͨʹº Papeete, Tehiti
 ͨʹº Bora Bora Island, Tahiti
 ͨʹº Apia, Samoa
 ͨʹº Yokohama, Japan
 ͨʹº Kobe, Japan - ԹҧѺͧ
Display 265 to 265
from 265 Cruise tour(s)
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